About Me

Sure, I’m an award-winning writer, photographer and communications strategist.

But my friends know me for my home-brewed blueberry hefeweizen.

In order to do great creative work, you have to think of your target audience as their friends might. Your target is much more than a job title, salary and zip code. They’re real people with hobbies, families and dogs (or cats, which I just don’t understand but can overlook).

Folks have an innate appreciation for content that makes them laugh or feel inspired. I focus on telling stories that connect on these emotional levels.

I’ve always been captivated by the art of marketing. It started in third grade when I began to sell my own weekly comic called “Pizza Man.” While the concept of a crime-fighting slice of pie never took off, it was my first attempt at converting an audience. I’m still hooked on marketing to this day. And pizza.

Whether I’m the creative director, copywriter or photographer on a project, I look for storylines that resonate with people. At the end of the day, to really connect with someone it’s all about the storytelling.

And that’s what I do.

Creative Direction


What I Do

I really don’t care if I’m working with words or pictures. Digital or print. Those are outlets for the idea, which is all that really matters. The rest will follow.

But since you insist on getting to know me, this is exactly what I do.

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Just a few of the fine folks I’ve had the pleasure of working with.




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