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In a casual conversation at work, someone said, “What local company would be a dream client?” Without hesitation, a coworker at OOHology answered, “21c Hotel.” I agreed. In truth, the company has grown far beyond Louisville’s city limits, but it’s still a local legend that I’ve had fun being a part of. The multi-city hotel chain is known for its quirk, art curation, restaurants and of course, the penguin.


LexingtonWe were tasked with creating a new display campaign for awareness and each location. An art director and I started this project by talking about what it really meant to stay at the 21c Hotel. While art is obviously a part of the brand, we decided it’s also about experiencing the unexpected.

We wanted to give the ads that same experience. We turned actual photographs of each hotel’s space into an artistic representation. The ads quickly fade to reveal the actual space, with a tagline that teased the curious experience.

I also write the 21c Hotel’s pay-per click ads. I know, not nearly as sexy as shape-shifting art ads, but hey, you can’t discredit PPC’s effectiveness.