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With several great restaurants thriving, it was clear Falls City Hospitality knows a thing or two about food. Where they needed help was creating a brand for their new restaurant, Doc’s Cantina. They came to our agency to spice up their look and feel, but I don’t think they realized just how salty we’d get on this one.



The restaurant was under construction when we began, so much of our branding work would actually dictate what that experience would be, as opposed to being designed to reflect it. Our color palette, for example, would eventually come to life in the restaurant’s exterior, uniforms, signage and to-go bags.


Restaurant owners are busy, so we kept the copy for the brand guidelines straightforward and easy-to-understand. Don’t be fooled, though. These are far from vanilla. I dubbed Doc’s voice as Spicy (like the perfect chorizo), Mysterious (think Mexican street festival), Hospitable (aw, just like your abuela would want you to be) and Street Smart (basically, keep it real). We baked this voice into the brand’s messaging, which you can see implemented throughout the website, too.

As the Creative Director on this project, I worked with an Art Director to create type, color, photography, and design guidelines. We built the brand to be flexible and fun, but even we didn’t know just how far we’d take it when we were tasked to create the restaurant’s signage, uniforms and to-go bags.



The task at hand was simply creating uniforms. But we wanted to go big and create something that would make people lookup from that delicious taco, and through a mouthful of guac and queso, say, “Whaaa?”


I think we did that.

Each uniform dons a famous historical quote, or at least it’s what the quote might have been had these legends had the opportunity to try Doc’s Cantina’s food. For example, founding father Patrick Henry said, “Give me tacos, or give me death!” Or you might recall John Lennon warbling, “Make tacos, not war.” We encouraged patrons to get in on the fun, creating their own quotes and share them using #TaQuotes. Each quote is custom hand lettering done by the brilliant Katie Dobson, an Art Director at OOHology.

We brought this same attitude out into the parking lot signs, window signage and the client loved it so much, they’ve brought it into their social media as well.

At every milestone and presentation, we were ecstatic with the work. OOHology pushed our boundaries, and their work compliments so well with what we wanted to create, which is ultimately a memorable dining experience.

– Steven Ton, owner and partner with Falls City Hospitality Group