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I grew up swinging my grandfather’s old Louisville Slugger and playing ball with dad in the backyard. I used to dream of the day I’d get to swing a Slugger in the pros. While I never made the big leagues, I did get the big league account. Since OOHology won the bat’s manufacturer’s business, I’ve led creative direction on marketing efforts for one of the most iconic brands in the country.


The task was simple: craft a campaign to convince locals to shop at the museum for the holidays. You might think our target audience would skew male, but it’s actually young moms. They’re already shopping local, we just needed to convince them to go with the local legend. These radio spots were executed solely for Spotify, where they ran with visual support. There was also a digital display campaign that ran simultaneously.

Louisville Slugger Museum – Retail Campaign 1, Glitter

Louisville Slugger Museum – Retail Campaign 2, Splinters




OOHology handles every aspect of the museum’s marketing efforts, but you might be surprised to know we head up their exhibits as well. From logo design to actual walls and signage, we do it all. This one was the largest exhibit the museum has ever done, and the first baseball exhibit Ripley’s Believe It or Not! has ever done. A large portion of the artifacts had never been showcased before.

We put in over 1,000 hours into this one, working with both Louisville Slugger Museum and Ripley’s teams. The event was co-branded, and as the Creative Director on this account, one thing I’m most proud of is how well we tied two very different brands together. It was tougher than it sounds, too. We had nearly no assets to work with, so whatever concept we were going to pitch, it had to be created by our team.

After it was all said and done, a high-level member from the Ripley’s team told me the work was simply “incredible.” You can judge for yourself.


This incredible hand-drawn art covers the main window of the building, right next to a life-size Captain America and Iron Man. Here’s an image, if you’re interested. 

Slugger Bus

Our work hit several major cities, including Cincinnati’s transit system. This bus wrap design and another covered buses in the metropolitan area, along with interior bus ads

Airport banner

This banner hung at the Louisville airport’s baggage claim. We knew we’d have a little extra time for folks to read copy, as they spend an average of 18 minutes standing there.

Variations of this commercial ran in multiple markets, as well as on Spotify. I wrote and directed this piece, providing creative direction for the voice talent, animator and editor. 


The museum has a steady rotation of exhibits and events. I’ve written these additional radio spots and led creative efforts.

Louisville Slugger Museum – Best. Toys. Ever. Spot

Louisville Slugger Museum – Appraisal Fair Spot



Slugger Airport
The image above was an ad at the luggage pickup in the Louisville airport. We hit ’em fast with the facts, and since most people wait a whopping 18 minutes on luggage, we figured we could sneak in a little extra copy (as opposed to a billboard). The campaign also included digital radio ads, display ads and some traditional print support, some samples of which are below.

Louisville Slugger Museum – Awareness Spot